Have you ever felt...

  • Like you want to improve your voice, but aren't sure where to start?
  • Unsure of what to do to warm-up your voice?
  • Tired of practicing along to old lesson recordings when warming up?
  • Like you need a specialized warm-up routine for singing different styles of music?

Imagine if you could...

  • Have a warm-up routine on your phone- ready at all times
  • Have a professional voice teacher guiding you through vocal exercises, no voice lesson required!
  • Be warmed up and ready to sing in ten minutes or less

Chelsea Wilson's Warm-Up Series is the perfect, on-the-go solution for warming up your voice.

Whether you need to strengthen your mix, build your belt, or ready your legit sound, Chelsea has devised three totally efficient warm-up routines that will prepare you to sing at your very best.

These series are perfect for warming-up before:

  • Auditions
  • Theatre rehearsal
  • Choir practice
  • Performances
  • Voice or acting lessons
  • Personal singing practice
  • Recording sessions
  • Long teaching days

With any purchase of the Warm-Up Series, you'll get:

  • An MP4 audio file. Each warm-up is one continuous track so you can start and finish it, completely uninterrupted.
  • A PDF guide detailing the why and how of each exercise, PLUS the basics of how your voice works as well as tips to get the most out of your practicing.
  • An invite to Chelsea's exclusive Facebook Group where she posts additional videos, tips, and advice, holds regular "office hours," and is available to support YOU!
  • The chance to opt-in to Chelsea's email list where you'll hear about upcoming classes as well as singing tips and anecdotes.

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What are singers saying about the Warm-Up Series?

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Designed by Broadway Vocal Coach, Chelsea Wilson

The Warm-Up Series was created to help you find connection and balance in your voice, as efficiently as possible.

Professional voice teacher Chelsea Wilson has over 12 years of experience doing exactly that. As a vocal coach on Broadway productions like THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and SCHOOL OF ROCK, she knows how to guide singers to vocal balance- the feeling of ease and freedom every singer is after.

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