What are people saying about the Warm-Up Series?

"Chelsea's Warm-Up Series feels challenging in a good way. The keys and ranges of the exercises feel useful and like I'm getting through my entire range. It's helped me step up my game!"

-Caitlin Kinnunen

TONY Award Nominee, THE PROM

"Especially when I was performing eight times a week, I always struggled to find the time to warm-up. This Warm-Up Series is perfect for that. Each exercise feels productive and there's no wasted time. I know that in ten minutes I'll be ready to sing."

-Jacob Swain

Broadway cast of MEAN GIRLS

"Even though I went to a prestigious music school for university, often the teaching wasn't particularly clear. Chelsea's Warm-Up Series is in fact very clear! She's taken away the confusing jargon.

As a voice teacher, vocalizing and going through warm-ups is the kind of thing I'm doing all day for other people. To have this guided warm-up makes it so easy to have something I can work on right away!"

-Zöe Mace

Singer and voice teacher in Oxford, England

"I’m already feeling a difference in my voice! For example, the exercises on “Gee” are helping to smoothen out my passaggio and I’m beginning to find a clarity in my voice that has been muffled for years. If you’re looking for the antidote to your singing problems, look no further. Chelsea has your back."

-Joseph Sammour

Singer/Actor in Michigan, USA

"The warm-up series came at the perfect time during quarantine. I'm not performing right now so the warm-ups are helping me get into a regular singing practice. I feel like I have the tools to start making improvements even if I'm not taking private lessons right now."

-Michelle Lemon

Singer/Actor in Connecticut, USA