Why a Warm-Up Series?

A few years ago, I had a student ask for a warm-up recording to get her ready for a long rehearsal day, specifically for all the belting that was required of her. At the time, I had nothing to offer her except my suggestion to practice along to our most recent voice lesson recording.

Fast forward to 2020 and I've seen a real need for a well crafted warm-up routine for singers with a variety of singing goals.

Perhaps you are...

  • New to regular practicing and aren't sure where to start to improve your voice.
  • A working singer or university student and need an efficient (read: quick!), thoughtful vocal warm-up recording you can use on-the-go.
  • Tired of practicing along to old lesson recordings (particularly having to skip through all the talking parts)
  • A professional (or aspiring professional) singer and need a specialized warm-up routine for different styles of music. One day you may be auditioning for ROCK OF AGES Off-Broadway and the next you're rushing off to your church choir rehearsal. Those activities benefit from a tailored warm-up routine!

I've spent a lot of time formulating a vocal exercise routine that would be ideal for most singers. I've created not just one, but three separate routines devised for preparing a singer's voice for belting, singing legit, or building their mix voice.

Since 2008, I've worked with hundreds (thousands?) of singers and I feel confident that these series will guide you on your path to strengthening your voice and improving your overall vocal balance.

Why should you take my word for it? Well...

Since 2008, Chelsea Wilson Vocal Studio has provided unparalleled vocal training to singers both locally in New York and all over the world. My students are on Broadway and playing leading roles on Broadway national tours, have been featured in national commercials, and are pursuing independent musical careers. In addition, I'm also the associate vocal coach for current and past Broadway productions like THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and SCHOOL OF ROCK.

I am dedicated to helping students find their own unique voice, and giving them a foundation in healthy technique to support them in whatever their chosen genre. Whether you are an amateur who wants to learn to sing for fun, or a professional needing to prepare for auditions or a strenuous performing schedule, I have the tools to free your voice in ways you never thought possible.